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The Reep Rope addendum

Re: Sam Lanham's paean to Betty Storz' book and the List for making it =
possible:  Betty will be too modest, and Sam perhaps nearly so, but if =
any of you would like a peek at the stunning cover Betty and Sam devised =
for this book, and perhaps at the rope itself, send me a request =
off-List and I'll scan them for you.

It's truly a remarkable effort by these two, and though the book itself, =
a collection of the 2 1/2 years of e-mail exchanges between parties =
regarding the rope's design and construction, is fascinating, that Betty =
had the energy, gumption and persistence to bring it off, and that Sam =
had the imagination to give the rope its form, the project ought to be =
known to more than the few that Betty's hand-made book is likely to =

I got in on the sequence through a message from Sam on List, and was at =
Betty's church's dedication with both of them a year ago, and hold them =
as among my most favorite people on earth.

Let me know off List and I'll share images of the Reep Rope (named for =
Harold Reep, who rang the church bell for some 50 years) with you. =20

Charles Schermerhorn

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