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Illumination pigments

Hello all,
   I am restoring an atlas whose maps have been carefully hand-colored.
    The problem is that some of pigments, especially the greens and
blues, have affected the paper in a way that is very similar in appearance
and texture as paper affected by acid migration (browned and embrittled, as
in pastedowns over leather turn-ins). However, I can't be sure that high
acidity is the culprit: the colors are soluble in water, and the pH testers
I know of all involve the use of liquid water.
    Does anyone out there know what these pigments (or their binders)
might be, and if this is in fact a problem of acidity?
    The atlas was printed in 1824, in Augsburg, from plates engraved
by cartographer Johannes Walch.
    I'd be grateful for any direction at all...
   Bill Cotter
    Milou Bindery
     Austin, TX

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