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Re: recycled material in boards

Hi, Karen, and how are you finding retirement as president emerita?
   I don't know an explicit term for such boards, since reused material can show
up in them in several ways, sometimes in combination with "new" material.  We
have a book in our Special Collections which is a small pamphlet bound with a
great wad of blanks to add bulk.  The blanks are unused sheets intended for card
stock composed of ground up printed pages.   Economy is surely the driving force
behind such practices, especially in the earlier periods when making anything
required a sizable investment in time and labor.  On that basis, any particular
binder used what was available at hand at the time.  The historical circumstances
of the Protestant Reformation, for instance, made a lot of Catholic liturgical
books available as "waste" to binders.  If they were refugee Huguenots, they
probably got a good deal of satisfaction out of it, too.  Of course, we regret it

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