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Re: What's "Fine Press"

I thought this was a very interesting thread.

There is a strongly held opinion that the only form of printing which can be
called "fine" in any way is letterpress. However, having seen many examples
of poor letterpress printing, I'm more inclined to the view that a Fine
Press is fine in its aims intentions rather than its methods. To illustrate
the point,, the Fine Press Book Association is holding an exhibition of its
members' books entitled Bound To Please at the Portico Library & Gallery in
Manchester, UK. It includes works from 25 fine presses. The techniques used
include, lithography, letterpress and laser. All the presses are "fine" in
that they aim to produce the best possible print, no matter how it is
David Bailey
Tel/Fax +44 (0)1626 335894
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Date:    Wed, 28 Mar 2001 12:41:10 -0700
From:    Carol Grossman <carolg@FOURRIVERSBOOKS.COM>
Subject: Re: What's "Fine Press"

Four or five years ago, a group of printers, designers, and booksellers
met to form the Fine Press Book Association. Your question was one we
discussed at great length, and finally decided that historically
printers have always taken advantage of new technologies, and so it made
sense to keep the definition of fine press quite loose! As a result, you
will read articles in our journal Parenthesis that talk about classic
letterpress, linoleum blocks, pochoir, silk screen, photopolymer
techniques, and offset (and probably others I can't recall right now).
Members and contributors to our journal include John Randall of the
Whittington Press, Henry Morris of Bird and Bull, Gerry Lange of the
Bieler Press, Andrew Hoyem of Arion Press, Sandy Kroupa, Robin Price,
and Carolee Campbell of the Ninja Press. A year or so ago the Alliance
for Contemporary Books Arts of Southern California joined us.

So, for at least this group of printers, designers, collectors, and book
lovers, what you're doing would be considered fine press!

Carol Grossman

ps If any of you would like to join our group or get more information
about it, please send me an email.

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