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David Bailey wrote:

>has anyone used Ventura Publisher from Corel?

I mentioned in an earlier post that Ventura has always been my software
of choice. It handles publications of any length or format, gives great
positioning options for images, is typographically sophisticated, and
produces output for any service bureau needs. I have used it since
pre-Corel days (it was originally a Xerox product), and in the ancient
era (pre 1989-ish) before I decided to produce Minsky in Bed by inkjet,
it was no problem getting film negative output for magnesium letterpress
plates, as it had excellent linotronic printer drivers that created
files the bureau could use with no problem. In those days it was an
issue, as the MAC domination of the output trade rendered use of most
DOS based programs impossible.

Even then it had letterspacing to 1/100 point or 1/1000 inch, whichever
measurement you preferred. I gravitated to it because it had a DOS based
graphic interface before Bill invented Windows. I had been letterspacing
with brass and copper, and kerning with a Trim-O-Saw, since 1960, so
after 30 years of that kind of mishugas I was grateful for the easy way.


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