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Re: InDesign vs PageMaker - who wins? (was PM vs Quark)

At 12:15 PM 4/4/01, David Bailey wrote:
>While the debate about Pagemaker, InDesign and Quark rages, has anyone used
>Ventura Publisher from Corel? My work is heavily image based rather than
>text and I've found Ventura a superb tool from basic layout drafting to
>final imposition. So far I've not found anything I've wanted to do which
>Ventura hasn't been able to carry out. I suspect that there's a large Mac/PC
>divide which could influence which software is chosen. Has anyone had the
>opportunity to compare Ventura with the others?

Hello David,

I use Ventura, more by accident than by design.  I find that it is very
powerful, but not easy to use.  One has to do a lot of setup in order to
define a document, but then it is quite capable.  So I don't use it when I
can get away with a lesser program, like MS Word, or even ClickBook.  I use
Word and ClickBook for a number of simple layout project.  Both have
limitations in handling images.


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