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Fine Press

I have watched the comments here and some of the definitions etc. I have
convinced myself to leave it alone. But, recent statements etc. have
convinced me there are some misconceptions in the community.

As with a lot of other terms, "Fine Press" has changed over the years. This
term is constantly evolving as the market and processes change.

I personally print letterpress and promote and work in that area. I do not
feel that "Fine Press" is or should be limited to this field of work. There
are many different ways of putting text on paper. All of the four accepted
methods of printing can be seen as capable of printing text. From the
standpoint of making a determination of "Fine Press" Relief, Intaglio, and
Plano are quite acceptable. I have never seen anything done via stencil -
screen printing - that would be considered in this category. Fine Press
applies to  a work done with a high level of artistic design of the work as
a whole, quality typesetting, and press work of impeccable skill. The
specific tools used while being a part of the final product are not the
whole story. Tools can not make up for a lack of skill on the press, an eye
for rivers of white in the typesetting, or a poor design. All these things
come together to produce Fine Press work.

This label or term is somewhat like the term Master Printer. This is a title
bestowed upon a tradesman by their peers. It is very presumptuous to label
oneself a Master of Anything. So it is with "Fine Press". This is a label
attached to work by others, not by the printer.

prints by AJ
Austin Jones
Point Pleasant, WV - USA

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