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Re: Microcephaly

Although I am sympathetic toward your personal plight, my reference
was toward the software, and I stand behind it.

Clearly, you have some issues to deal with.

Being polite is one thing; bowing to political correctness is quite
another.  But then, I'm known to still tell the odd ethnic joke, with
accents, just because they are funny.


>As the parent of a young man with mental retardation I would hope that we
>could avoid the use of words such as microcephalic as derogatory
>descriptions of incompetent, amoral, monopolistic, egomaniacal,
>narcissistic keepers of the Gates, walls, and ramparts that control the
>hearts, minds and bodies of our creative and life-sustaining souls.  Yes
>it is true, flawed individuals who create flawed products all too often
>rise to positions of control.  However, it is not appropriate to describe
>them and their acts as being descriptive of people who while they have
>limitations, are all too often painfully aware of them.
>> >Bill (Microcephalic) did not invent the graphic interface he came
>> >to call Windows.
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