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Re: Microcephaly

On Fri, 6 Apr 2001, Jack C. Thompson wrote:

> Although I am sympathetic toward your personal plight, my reference
> was toward the software, and I stand behind it.
> Clearly, you have some issues to deal with.

How condscending. Raymond was right and you're wrong. You're sneer at Bill
was accomplished by making a pun on his company's name and a serious
medical conditon. How very, oh what's the word?--ah, how very enabling of

Just say, "Pardon me, no offense meant," and move on, Jack-O.

> Being polite is one thing; bowing to political correctness is quite
> another.  But then, I'm known to still tell the odd ethnic joke, with
> accents, just because they are funny.

Sounds like you have issues to deal with, too.

FWIW, my son has suffered from server mental illness for almost twenty
years. Back before all this happened, I didn't find anything very
objectionable about 'Crazy Guggenheim' jokes and art-school posturing
about the insight of demented. Now it all seems lame to me.

This isn't about political correctness, unless you view the world with
extremely narrow and simplistic templates.

I overlooked your original remark, because it just seemed uninformed and
thoughtless. But your 'deal with it' reply to Raymond is too rude by half.

Michael Brady
But annoyed at rude thoughtlessness

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