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What's New with Tom, April 2001

Dear friends,

Happy April! You're invited to visit <http://www.tomphillips.co.uk>, a site dedicated to the works and texts of British artist/writer/composer Tom Phillips.

The site is created in collaboration with Tom, and is updated on the first (or thereabouts) of each month.  The April 2001 edition features:

- WIRE SCULPTURES : Tom writes, "These pieces, in worked and joined wire, mark what seems to be the end of a long quest."

- IRMA: THE WORLD PREMIERE PROGRAMME : Presented in 1972 by Coelfrith Music, under the direction of David Pinder

- A HUMUMENT : Pages 151-180 from the first printed edition, Tetrad Press

- EXHIBITION ANNOUNCEMENT : Tom in Fort Worth, Texas; May 25 - July 29 2001

- A new BACK ISSUES Page

- A new COLOPHON Page

Warmest wishes,
John Nick Pull <john@tomphillips.co.uk>

P.S. If you want to stop receiving these monthly updates please email me.

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