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handmade paper sizing question

Dear List members,

I am totally new to papermaking and seem to have hit a snag.  I tried sizing
some paper tonight with a gelatin size and what ended up happening is my
paper disintegrated when it was dipped into a shallow pan of the gelatin
conglomeration.  What happened?  This was made from a recycled pulp; is that
the problem?  Is sizing only needed on papers with rag content?  Painting it
on with a brush does not seem to have helped.  After it was painted on, it
was placed in my press and squeezed, only to find a big glop of
disintegrated paper in my press with goo all over the place.  I did manage
to salvage a couple of these sheets and they are hanging up to dry, but I
doubt that these are going to be any better.


Jon Speed

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