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Re: handmade paper sizing question

Dear Jon,
        It sounds as if you are not getting a strong sheet in the end if it
comes apart in the gelatin tray.
       Check the paper you make paper when it is dry with a drop of water, or
try writing on it.  Recycled paper is already sized and if you do not rinse
the sizing completely out in processing, your new paper will already be sized
when it is made.

> Dear List members,
> I am totally new to papermaking and seem to have hit a snag.  I tried sizing
> some paper tonight with a gelatin size and what ended up happening is my
> paper disintegrated when it was dipped into a shallow pan of the gelatin
> conglomeration.  What happened?  This was made from a recycled pulp; is that
> the problem?  Is sizing only needed on papers with rag content?  Painting it
> on with a brush does not seem to have helped.  After it was painted on, it
> was placed in my press and squeezed, only to find a big glop of
> disintegrated paper in my press with goo all over the place.  I did manage
> to salvage a couple of these sheets and they are hanging up to dry, but I
> doubt that these are going to be any better.
> Help!
> Jon Speed

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