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Re: Kutrimmer Accuracy

Back when I taught, I used to haul a large kutrimmer to the classroom. My
experience was that the pressure bar did not produce sufficient pressure to
firmly clamp board of any real weight or density and so the cut would pull
the board off square from the back of the blade forward. In class we solved
the problem by making two cuts, the first about 2 mm beyond the second, final
cut; the reduced overhang seemed to eliminate the blade pull. After a
semester of this frustration I had the students come to my studio for cutting
boards on my board shear.
If you are noticing the error on a sheet of paper or card stock, I'd guess
that the guide bar is off square and needs adjusting by slightly loosening
the screws on the underside of the cutting table, setting the square, and
retightening (make sure you have good lock washers in place). I very slightly
enlarged the holes in the table (except for the one nearest the blade) to
allow for a bit more play when I was setting the cutting guide square to the
cutting edge, because my kutrimmer came "off square" when new and out of the
box. I should add that I got my best results squaring up the guide bar not by
using a set square, but by making a cut off the short end of an 11"x18" sheet
of paper, flipping the paper over to make a cut off the second short end, and
then folding the paper over on the long axis. The difference in length
between the two long edges is then twice the "off" of the cut, and whether
the long edge against the cutting guide is longer or shorter than the farther
long edge will tell you if the left end of the cutting guide needs to come
forward or back to get it square. This can be a time consuming process of
trial and error, thus the lock washers once you have it. Best

James Tapley Hand Bookbinder
2077 Thirteenth Street
Sarasota, Florida
34237   USA

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