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Edition Question

Dear Friends
    I finally have to deal with a situation I have been avoiding for a
long time. I starting an edition of a book called Calendar Journey. I
got the paper from a local art supply. They did not have the quantity I
needed, very short in fact, but I went ahead because they told me they
could order more. Well, you know where this story is going. I never got
another sheet out of them. The paper is Arna Ingres. I posted a message
on this list about it and have called around to a lot of paper supply
stores and companies. It doesn't seem to be showing up anywhere.
Assuming the paper is unavailable, my question is what is the
appropriate thing to do. A Fabriano Ingres would be very similar and
would work fine for the book.
    I have done some major procrastination on this. I have sold the last
of the ones I have already made and now have an order for one. I'm a bit
embarrassed to be making public my total spaciness on this, but here it
is. Any suggestions would be helpful.

in good spirit

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord
Newburyport, MA


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