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Granary Books' catalog of Tony Zwicker's Books [artists' books, art, documentation...]

Tony Zwicker's Books


A catalog of books for sale from the collection and inventory of Tony
Zwicker has been prepared by Granary Books. It comprises 1200 items,
primarily: artists' books, art, catalogues, documentation & concrete
poetry. It is a terrific selection with rich holdings accumulated over a
period of about thirty years by Mrs. Zwicker, certainly the preeminent
dealer in artists' books over the last several decades. The range of work
is remarkable and most of the artists are represented not by one or two
books but by ten or twelve.

This catalog presents a rare opportunity for librarians and collectors to
acquire hard-to-find items; to fill in gaps in an existing collection,
indeed to acquire seminal works toward developing a new collection of
considerable substance. It is our suspicion that the catalog itself will
have some long term reference value and consequently we are making it
available in two forms: the online digital version and the printed and
bound version:

1) Click here http://www.granarybooks.com/zwicker_catalog.html to go to the
Granary website where you can immediately scroll
through or print out the entire catalog.

2) We have prepared a limited number of printed and bound copies (7" x 10"
96 pp.) which are being distributed (via snail mail) gratis to regular
clients of Mrs. Zwicker and Granary Books. The few leftover copies
remaining are available at $30 each while they last.

Please feel free to circulate this announcement to individuals, librarians
or listserves who might be interested.

Thank you.

Amber Phillips
Granary Books
307 Seventh Ave. #1401 (@28th Street)
New York, NY 10001
tel: 212 337 9979
fax: 212 337 9774

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