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Re: Bleach

This whole discussion reminds me of an "episode" some years ago. A visiting artist saw a piece in my home and admired it. My response was " we have to enjoy it now because it is written ( calligraphically speaking) in bleach and I am sure that there will be holes in the paper one of these days." She was horrified that I would use bleach. Later that evening, walking past the den, I overheard her speaking with her husband (a well known conservator) saying "You won't believe what THEY'RE doing now!" It always brings a smile to my face.

The piece in question is framed and matted and is still fine (15 years later). The othere papers, done with bleach at the same time, did alter their companions in the drawer - so while it is lots of fun to "play" with. I don't think even I would recommend it.

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