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Re: Bleach

Once again we find ourselves dealing with issues of longevity, permanence
and acceptable practice. I want to say right from the start that I have
nothing but the greatest respect for the practice and practitioners of book
conservation. I also agree that people should be aware of the consequences
of the materials and techniques they choose.

That said - if you want to use bleach on paper - use it and use it with
gusto. As with everything we do, there are consequences to using bleach on
paper. If those consequences sound bad to you, don't do it. If they sound
good, do it even more. But it certainly seems that if your goal is to make
something that won't make conservators curse, don't use bleach.

Aging is a curious and wonderful thing. I understand the desire to defy
aging, but I don't always agree with it.

> This is an admittedly "old fogey" point of view.

And I guess I bring the "young post-modern" point of view, or is it merely
foolhardy, who's to say.

> Fifteen years, even fifty, is not a very long time in the life of most

Is there a real and substantial difference between 15, 150 or 1500 years?

I'll now go back into my hole,
Kevin Driedger

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