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No bleaching

WOW - Thanks for the information.  I think I sensed that it was the =
wrong thing to do, otherwise people would have been doing it, but I =
needed to be told. =20
     No, I hadn't tried using a pH tester or rinsing, but now will be =
aware of doing that when it comes to something more serious than "play". =
 I would like to try the sunlight bleach idea and put this Arizona sun =
to another good use. =20
    Yes, I do want my work to last.  I always hope something can be =
learned from my good or bad experiences and if it's simply not there, =
well, neither am I. You do bring up the problems in intentions?  I =
better think about this some more.
    So, my conclusion is that bleaching just isn't worth it and its back =
to gouache and acrylic for me.

Thanks again for keep me from making a stupid mistake.


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