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St.John's U Bible

    Would someone cross this information over to the cyberscribes for me, in
addition to this group?

    As you all probably know, St. John's University in MN is sponsoring the
creation of a hand-calligraphed Bible which will be around 1150 pages and
cost around $3 million.  Donald Jackson, British calligrapher is the head
designer. This project is so big, he has dropped all other clients except
the queen of England, for whom he has produced official documents since
    The work is so demanding that two calligraphers quit after working less
than two weeks. The team now includes a professional calligrapher and a
Methodist minister's wife from southern england.  It is expected that the
finished book will be on exhibit in October, 2003 at a Minneapolis museum.
Meanwhile, you can get updates on progress and illustrations at:
www.saintjohnsbible.org   (information courtesy of Minneapolis Star Tribune)

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