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NYTimes.com Article: Islamic Calligraphy: When the Medium Really Was the Message

This article from NYTimes.com
has been sent to you by slightcap@mindspring.com.

This is a fascinating article from today's paper.  Thought folks might enjoy seeing it.
Susan Lightcap

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Islamic Calligraphy: When the Medium Really Was the Message


There's no more stimulating patch of art turf in Manhattan than the
Islamic wing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It may not feel
that way at first. Lights are low; visitors are few; silence
prevails. But the sights ar e spectacular: flower-scattered Ottoman
tiles, ivories from Andalusia, glinting North African goldwork and
an entire 18th-century courtyard, marble floor and stained-glass
windows intact, magic-carpeted in from Damascus.



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