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Re: "Women of the Book" exhibition

"Women of the Book" is a traveling book art exhibit currently in Minneapolis
at the Jewish Community Center and the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. To
quote the Minneapolis Star?Trib:  "The wide assortment of books included
feel like diaries: highly personal expressions of the sort that only very
courageous people would think to share.  What unites the artists is their
shared experience of Jewish womanhood: what makes each piece unique is the
set of choices made by the artist as to content and media."  Curator Judith
Hoffberg is quoted: "The exhibit has brought together a wide range of work
... it opens up ideas about why boks are so powerful for artists and
    On May 3, at 7:30 p.m.  Tatana Kellner will lecture on her work, "50
years of silence" at the Jewish Community center of Minneapolis.  She
interviewed her parents and created a two-volume work about their Holocaust
    On May 5-6, the Mn Center for book Arts will have a bookmaking workshop
(10 a.m.-5 p.m.) called "Portrait: a Personal History."  $126-140.
Preregistration is required; 612  215-2520

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