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Article about 'Two Women Boxing'?

A while ago a friend told me about an article, about the box makers 'Two =
Women Boxing', that I am looking for. The article I am interested in ran =
in the late 80s - early 90s (?) in an art/graphics magazine. My friend =
could have sworn the article was in Graphis, but I have called Graphis and =
the person in charge of back issues has never heard of an article about =
TWB. I have also done a search on the internet, but with no results.
Does anybody remember this article? If so could you please pass the info =
on to me? I am very interested in reading it.=20
Thank you so much,

Nicole Andersen   B O O K   A R T S
       fine hand bound albums and portfolios

555 O'Neill Avenue, No. 1
Belmont, California 94002
phone and fax: 650 596 0775

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