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Re: Article about 'Two Women Boxing'?

Hmm.  I did a Copernic search for Two Women Boxing and got numerous hits,
some of them about women in bookbinding!  There were several references to
bound blank books, Journals Ginko, #1, #2: e.g., Two Women Boxing blank
book by Linda Finnell, Julie Cohn.  There was also a reference to two other
women who collaborate: Katheryn Doherty and Julie Cohn of Grennwich and
Dallas respectively.  Here's Katherine's url.


Please note that her index page does not seem to be active, so I don't know
if she is still doing "surface design" or is supporting this page.  Here's
her e-mail: kathryn@kathryndoherty.com

Hope this is of some use.  Gavin

At 03:56 PM 4/13/01 -0700, you wrote:
>A while ago a friend told me about an article, about the box makers 'Two =
>Women Boxing', that I am looking for. The article I am interested in ran =
>in the late 80s - early 90s (?) in an art/graphics magazine. My friend =
>could have sworn the article was in Graphis, but I have called Graphis and =
>the person in charge of back issues has never heard of an article about =
>TWB. I have also done a search on the internet, but with no results.
>Does anybody remember this article? If so could you please pass the info =
>on to me? I am very interested in reading it.=20
>Thank you so much,

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