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Arna Paper and edition book again

Dear Friends
    I wrote last week about my predicament with an edition book and Arna
Ingres paper- as in I need more. Thanks to Karen Pardue on the list I have
lots of information about Arna paper but the news is not good from my point of
view. It was made by the Lana Mills in france and distribution was taken over
by Strathmore. The Lana Mills are no more, apparently now a bed and breakfast,
and obviously the paper is no longer being made. I have shopped around for
other Ingres paper, and looked at Fabriano and Hannemuhle,. They might do but
the colors aren't quite what I want. So my thought is that there may well be
an art store somewhere out there that has a stack of the very paper I need in
their back room somewhere. If anyone has names and numbers or email addresses
of any stores that you think might have a stash of interesting paper in the
back, I'd appreciate them. Also any other advice as to how to track it down. I
appreciate your patience.

in good spirit
Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord
Newburyport, MA


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