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Re: Persian ink

"Jack C. Thompson" wrote:

> Excess sulfuric acid, from the iron sulfate, can also
> eat away the surface of the paper (or parchment, in
> the case of mss. on animal skin) allowing the letters
> to drop off the page.
> Jack

Thanks for the recipe, Jack! But the letters didn't
drop off the page, the paper is gone too, making
"windows" in the shape of the letters.

I'd like to get it framed/mounted sometime with
both sides showing.

Jake Benson wrote:
> Where is the page from?  Gallate inks are more common on documents
> from the Maghrib meaning Morocco and Northwestern Africa, written in

It's from Iran. I don't know what the ink is, myself,
maybe something besides iron gall causes this problem.
There is a similar problem with some middle eastern rugs,
in which the "black" areas are just gone. There was a nice
mention of this peculiarity on Antiques Roadshow!

> >I have a page from a Koran, probably 18th or 19th c.,
> >manuscript not printed, in which some of the letters
> >have simply vanished, taking the paper with them!

Susan Fatemi

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