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Summer Workshops at Seastone Papers

2001: A  Paper Season on Marthaís Vineyard
Summer Workshops at Seastone Papers: http//www.tiac.net/users/sbernat
P.O. Box 331
West Tisbury, MA 02575

Nature Journey
One Week Intensive Workshop          Sunday, July 15óFriday, July 20
Most sessions of this week-long intensive may be taken as separate workshops.
The week begins with a Sunday brunch at Seastone Papers before the afternoon
workshop. The regularly scheduled late afternoon and evening events include art
openings, beach picnics, and studio visits with artists who work with paper.
Cost for the entire week : $575 (includes all materials); fee for each session
is listed with the class description.

A Sketchwriting Nature Journal
Sunday, July 15                        1:00-4:00
This session will enable you to record your experiences in a nature journal of
your making. You will create a hardcover, spiral bound journal filled with a
variety of paper surfaces which you will select and organize to sketch, write,
collect, and print plant samples, or record the papermaking process. You will
get started with a first page in an open writing exercise. This nature journal
becomes the opportunity to expand your range andvision.
Instructor: Sandy Bernat    $75

Plant Fibers for Papermaking
Monday-Wednesday July 16-18      9:00-4:00
Each day you will discover a different location for a walk through the forest,
in a wildflower field, and on the beach. During these field walks, plants will
be identified, observed, and sketched. Sources for raw plant materials will be
discussed. Local bast fiber, leaf fiber, and grass fiber plants will be
gathered, prepared, cooked, and beaten for sheet forming. These plants might
include cattail, phragmite, wisteria, day lilies, cornhusk, seaweed, and
grapevine. This is an oportunity to experiment with exotic local fiber. You will
learn to pull sheets of paper and explore interesting fiber combinations.
Instructors: Sandy Bernat and Carol Knapp  $320

Origami from Nature
Thursday, July 19              Two sessions: 9:00 to 12:00                 1:00
to 4:00
Origami, the art of paper folding, has developed into a remarkable and very
direct method for rendering paper sculptures of all kinds of living subjects,
both plants and animals. This hands-on workshop will teach you a variety of
origami methods and styles specifically suited for handmade papers. Subjects
will be chosen from local plants and animals. You will be employing the
"wet-folding" technique in origami and use handmade paper made by Michael
LaFosse.  A discussion about hand papermaking for origami will be included,
along with recipes and method descriptions for Michael's papers. All students
will receive complete diagrams for the models, interpretation sheets, and an
origami basic techniques booklet.
9:00-12:00  Introduction through slides and actual exhibit pieces. Hands-on
origami study, orikata, learning the folding forms using practice paper for the
models which are a sea turtle, a horseshoe crab, and a flowering
plant.                    $65
1:00 - 4:00   Gesture drawings from example pieces and paper wetting techniques;
final folding of origami in Michaelís handmade papers (you may use your own
papers if taking the full workshop.)
Instructor: Michael La Fosse           $80

Direct Plant Printing
Friday ,  July 20                                 9:00-12:00
Nature printing, the art of recreating images from the natural world, is
believed to be an ancient practice, inspired, perhaps by leaf fossils.  You will
transform your botanical bounty into delicately patterned art. Learn basic
nature printing techniques exploring elements of color, composition, light,
shadow, and 3-dimensional effects to create botanical art on a variety of paper
surfacesóincluding your own plant papers.
Instructor: Laura Donnelly Bethmann                     $70

Japanese Stitched Book
Friday,  July 20                                 1:00-4:00
You will bind a presentation book of your plant papers using a Japanese
stitching technique. You will learn the basic four-hole style of traditional
Japanese stab binding plus more elaborate stitched variations.
Instructor: Sandy Bernat

Wet and Wild Basics
Monday,  June 25                 Tuesday, July 24
Tuesday, July 3                     Monday, July 30
Monday, July 9                     Monday, August 6
                          all classes  9:00-1:00
This hands-on primer in papermaking introduces the basic steps in the
papermaking process: preparing pulp, then pulling, couching, pressing, and
drying sheets of paper varying in size and shape. You will make many sheets of
paper exploring a variety of creative papermaking techniques such as pulp
lamination, embedding organic or man-made materials, and pulp inclusions.
Discussions will include papermakerís tools and the history of hand papermaking.

Instructor: Sandy Bernat                               $55

Surface Effects with Fiber
Tuesday,  June 26                              9:00-3:00
Tuesday,  July 31
Experience the ways wet fiber can be manipulated to create surface design. You
will explore multiple dipped fibers and understand what spectacular results come
from using coagulants with iridescent and pigmented pulp. Learn how to work with
pulp veils or stencil and paint with pulp producing unusual controlled effects,
often achieving the unexpected. The final outcome in pulp is a visual language
itself. Review of basic pulling, couching, and pressing sheets of handmade paper
will be included.
Instructor: Sandy Bernat             Fee:  $85

Wet Bound
Wednesday, June 27                        9:00-3:00
Wednesday, August 1
Explore surface realities in a book by combining image making in pulp with wet
binding methods. You will work with wet fiber as paint and wet fiber as
structure. The visual language that may propel a narrative can be created in
pulp. Create concertina combinations and learn how to make pockets, doors,
windows and shaped booksóall in the wet pulp stage. You will come away with at
least two books.
Instructor: Sandy Bernat            $85

Photo Transfer
Friday,  July 6                              9:30 - 3:30
Sunday, August 12                        9:30 - 3:30
Create one-of-a kind image and emulsion transfers by expanding traditional
understanding of a photographic image using both a Polaroid slide printer and
camera. Extend your imagination as you produce ethereal, fresco-like images. The
addictive pull becomes apparent as you manipulate and transfer images to a
variety of paper surfaces. There are infinite possibilities when you alter the
image or change the surface receptor.
Instructor: Sandy Bernat      $90 plus $30 film

Painting with Pulp Fiber
Thursday-Friday July 26-27      10:00-4:00
Explore the painterly possibilities of pigmented pulp with cotton and and finely
beaten abaca fiber. Examine contemporary pulp painting artwork. Then, mix your
own colors and experiment with different consistencies of pulp. Develop your
ideas of image or design with a variety of techniques. Working with  squeeze
bottles, stencils, and free hand application, layer regular and overbeaten pulp
onto a base sheet using viscous mediums.  The flexibility and spontaneity of
this medium is amazing. Basic sheet forming skills will be reviewed.
Instructor: Beverly Sky                        $175

Paste Painted Papers
Tuesday,  August 7                          9:00-1:00
Use your fingers, simple handmade tools, and found objects to create surface
designs with pigmented  wheat paste. There are many recipes for this fun
technique. You will experiment with various papers including pulling a few
sheets of your own handmade paper for these colorful designs and images. Paste
painted papers have been used for centuries as book end papers and make
wonderful covers for books. They can be used wherever decorative papers are
Instructor: Sandy Bernat                                 $60

Pocket Books
Wednesday-Thursday, August 8-9     10:00-4:00
Using a playful exploration of innovative structures, you will construct books
containing pockets, flaps, envelopes, and compartments.  In this two day
workshop you will be guided through the construction of four books using simple
bookbinding tools and easy to follow procedures. These book structures are
intriguing. Previous bookbinding
experience is helpful but not necessary.
Instructor: Nancy Callahan              $185

Summer Workshop Schedule:
June 25       Wet and Wild Basics
June 26      Surface Effects with Fiber
June 27      Wet Bound
July 3        Wet and Wild Basics
July 6        Photo Transfer
July 8        Wet and Wild Basics
July 15-20    One Week Intensive: Nature Journey
     July 15  A Sketchwriting Journal
     July 16-18 Plant Fibers for Papermaking
     July 19   Nature Origami
     July 20  Direct Plant Printing
     July 20  Japanese Stitched Book
July 24      Wet and Wild Basics
July 26-27  Painting with Pulp Fiber
July 30      Wet and Wild Basics
July 31     Surface Effects with Fiber
Aug. 1      Wet Bound
Aug. 6      Wet and Wild Basics
Aug. 7      Paste Painted Papers
Aug. 8-9   Pocket Books
Aug. 12    Photo Transfer

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