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virus\worm alert

Dear Fellow List Members,

I have reason to suspect that my computer was infected with an email "worm."
In the event that you received an email from me with an attachment, do not
open it.  Delete it immediately.  I received an identical attachment
yesterday, tried to open it since it did not appear as an .exe file, and
found out that it was masked.  I have since identified the worm on my
machine and have removed it.  Instructions for removing the suspect files
can be found at the following web page...


The worm does not appear to be destructive to files, but is something of a
nuisance.  Fortunately it takes very little time to remove.  Even if you do
not think that the attachment "executed", check your system.  When I tried
to open it, a message box came up stating that an error had occured and that
the file could not be opened, yet I had the worm.

I am truly sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused any of you.
Please accept my apologies.


Jon Speed

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