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a fair for exclusive book makers, small editors and private printers

28-29 april, 11.00-18.00 h
Ottogracht 4
B-9000 Gent

Each year during the last weekend of April, Druksel vzw organizes a fair for
exclusive book makers, small editors and private printers. This fair is held
in the town of Ghent, Belgium. Visitors of the fair can look at and also buy
the works that are exhibited. Apart from this trading aspect, Druksel also
invites authors and professionals in the book making business to the fair.
For this year, f.i., Gerard Unger, the famous Dutch typographer will speak
about his experience in Rome, during the year 2000.

Druksel vzw is filling a void in Belgium. In the past small editors and
private printers published and spread their work in a small group of
dedicated lovers. This may sound quite charming at first, publishing for
one's own pleasure and that of one's friends causes a feeling of solidarity.
Who wants to break out of this small circle though, is very soon confronted
with the rules and lines along which reality is organized and as it appears
that organization does not really involve the distribution of books printed
in limited editions in Flanders and Belgium. Throughout the country there
are a few book shops that sometimes sell books printed in limited edition,
but up to the present that is an exeption rather than a rule.
Also the people at the other end of the line, the dedicated lovers of
literature, the seekers for the perfectly edited book, remain deprived of
their spiritual food. Only on rare occasions they find something to satisfy
their appetite.
Druksel vzw can rightfully state that it has become a meeting point for book
lovers and book makers, a forum where new publications are presented, bought
and sold and at which new contacts are made.

Contact Druksel vzw at the following adress:

Johan Velter

Gentbruggestraat 106
B-9040 Gent



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Whoever is interested in Druksel vzw, wants to know more about it or wants
to present works at the Druksel fair is free to contact us.

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