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Montefiascone Summer 2001 Programme


Montefiascone is a medieval walled city on Lake Bolsena, about half way
between Rome and Siena. Each summer conservators, librarians, art
historians, archivist and others interested in the structure and history of
the book, meet to participate in classes, which are held within the walls of
the city.
The summer 2001 programme is as follows:

Week 1 (23 - 27 July)
Making and painting  out the medieval =93palette.=94
The course will examine the inks and colours used in medieval manuscript
painting. Participants will make and paint out the mineral, plant and animal
derived colours using original recipes. We will examine the physical and
chemical characteristics as well as problems of longevity and related
conservation issues. Identification and consolidation issues will be
addressed. The course assumes no previous expertise in the area.
Course Tutor: Cheryl Porter

Week 2 ( 30 July - 3 August)
Bookbinding - From Manuscripts to Printed Book.
The course will be largely, though not exclusively, a practical course.
Participants will construct a model of a late 15th century book structure in
the style of a pre-1500 printed book. The work will involve sewing the text
block, fashioning boards in wood and board attachment. Using off-cuts of
leather or tawed skin, the spine of the book will be covered in such a way
as to leave revealed the structure beneath.
The course will discuss the techniques of bookbinding decoration and
historical examples will be shown in 35mm slide format.
The course is designed to appeal to practising conservators and librarians.
Whilst some practical skills would be an advantage, those with no practical
experience should not be dissuaded from participating.
Course Tutors:
Dr Nicholas Hadgraft and Jim Bloxam

Week 3 (6 - 10 August)
Atlas Structure
The atlas is a special binding challenge since the text block is not uniform
in make-up from gutter to fore-edge. The course will focus on what factors
and stresses one needs to consider and how to build special features to
control large folded sheets. Participants will study the history of atlas
development. They will construct samples with attention to distribution of
folds in maps, strategies to attach guards to push maps away from tight
gutters, and to add thickness in the spine to compensate for the extra bulk
a folded item produces. We will also focus on selection of proper materials
and address repair of folded maps.
Course Tutor: Pamela Spitzmueller

Cheryl Porter studied conservation at the Camberwell College of Arts and
worked at the University College London Paintings Analysis Unit. She was a
research Fellow at the UCL History of Art Department, working on medieval
pigments and the technique of their application to manuscripts. She is a
practising conservator who lectures and teaches widely. She has been
director of the Montefiascone Project since 1988.

Dr Nicholas Hadgraft has a Ph.D. from the University of London on the
subject of 15th century book structures. He is a qualified librarian with an
MA in Historical Bibliography. After working at the British Library, he
worked for college libraries with in the University of Cambridge for fifteen
years. He trained as a manuscript and rare book conservator with Christopher
Clarkson and is currently working in private practice and a Research Fellow
of the London Institute, working to preserve the collections at St Catherine
=92s Monastery at Mount Sinai.

Jim Bloxam is a Senior Book Conservator in the Conservation Department at
Cambridge University Library, working on early printed books, manuscripts
and archives. He is an Accredited Conservator/Restorer of the Institute of
Paper Conservation and has an Honours Degree in Art History (First Class).
His particular research interests lies mainly in the history of books; their
structural qualities and their cultural context. He has taught for the past
three years at the Montefiascone Summer School Library Project.

Pamela Spitzmueller is Chief Conservator for Special Collections in the
Harvard University Libraries. She has previously headed the Conservation
Department at the University of Iowa Libraries and worked as a rare book
conservator at the Library of Congress and the Newberry Library. She
lectures and teaches book structures and their history, as well as binding
one of a kind books focussed on structure complimenting text.

The cost of the course is =A3245.00 ($350.0) per week. This includes all
materials and tuition, which is in English. Participants may stay in a house
within the city walls, close to the main square at the centre of the town.
Bedrooms are shared and the accommodation cost is =A37.00 per person per=
($10.0). If    preferred,accommodation can be arranged at a local hotel.
Classes run from 9am until 1-1.30, with opportunity to return for private
work and study later in the day. Afternoons are free for private work or
study, though many take advantage of the spectacular setting to swim in the
local huge, clean volcanic lake, or to explore the town (with Romanesque
architecture and friendly inhabitants). We are close to Florence, Siena,
Rome, Orvieto and other areas of historic interest.
For further information contact:
Cheryl Porter
7 Venice Lodge
55 Maida Vale
W9 1SD
Tel: (44)  20 7266 0505
Fax: (44) 20 7266 0697
Email: chezza.p@virgin.net

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