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Re: Double Fold

> ----------
>   So how many other members of the list are reading/have read Double
> Fold??  I am only as far as page 43 but already sad that an intelligent
> man and cogent writer like Nicholson Baker has focused his argument well
> past the urgent limitations facing libraries to hit the people most
> likely to have been his allies.  Undoubledly bad decisions have been
> made, and are still being made about preservation selection and methods,
> but he offers no reasonable scope to the debate, at least this far into
> his book.  For those of you beyond page 43, does it get better or worse?
>  Dorothy Africa
You can read the comments of Dean Allen at http://www.textism.com/

He posted original comments and then a response to a response from a
librarian -- scroll down to see it.
He was also, apparently, unimpressed by the arguments.

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