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New NISO Guidelines - Guidelines for Information About Preservation Products (Z39.77-2001)

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Guidelines for Information About Preservation Products Published
Bethesda, Md., USA =AD (April 19, 2001) NISO, the National Information
Standards Organization, announces the release of Guidelines for Information
About Preservation Products (Z39.77-2001). This new standard identifies the
information vendors should feature in catalogs and promotional literature
describing products used to store, bind, or repair a variety of library
holdings including books, pamphlets, sound recordings, videos, films, CDs,
manuscripts, maps, and photographs. Librarians and archivists who use these
products will benefit from these guidelines as they compare and evaluate
The purpose of this standard is to encourage and promote the use of
consistent language and to help vendors provide accurate information about
preservation products used for storage, binding, and repair of library
materials. The impetus to create this standard came in response to concerns
expressed by librarians and archivists of the need for a qualitative means
of evaluating preservation products. To help the librarians and vendors use
the standard, there is a glossary is that defines technical terms and a set
of references to related standards.
NISO gratefully acknowledges the efforts of the following people who were
members of this committee at the time this standard was approved: Mark Roosa
(Chair), Library of Congress; Harry Campbell, Etherington Conservation
Center, a division of Information Conservation Inc.; Jesse Munn, Library of
Congress; Nancy Schrock, Harvard College Library; and Abby Shaw,
Conservation Resources International.
This standard is available for free downloading or hardcopy purchase at
About NISO:
NISO is the only U.S. group accredited by the American National Standards
Institute to develop and promote technical standards for use in information
delivery services providing voluntary standards for libraries, publishers
and related information technology organizations. All NISO standards are
developed by consensus under the guidance of experts and practitioners in
the field to meet the needs of both the information user and the producer.
For information about NISO=92s current standardization interests and
membership possibilities, please visit the NISO website at
For additional information contact NISO Headquarters at (301) 654-2512.
Email: nisohq@niso.org

Peter D. Verheyen
Special Collections Preservation & Access Librarian / Conservator
Syracuse University Library
Syracuse, NY 13244
(315) 443-9937

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