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Stan Knight Lecture/NYC

Hope some of you can come to this. Karen Gorst, Pres. Society of

"The Medieval Scribe"
A Lecture by Stan Knight

Next Thursday, April 26, 2001 at 6:00 p.m. *
Donnell Library Center, 20 West 53rd Street, Mezzanine Level

Hundred of thousands of wonderful books were written by hand during the
medieval period. The makers, whether monks, nuns or secular scribes, were
professionals. They worked to the highest standards, and today's
calligraphers can learn a great deal from them. This slide lecture
investigates the way they ruled the pages, mixed inks and colors, cut quill
and reed pens, wrote text, and even how they corrected mistakes.

Stan Knight first encountered lettering and illumination half a century ago
as an Art School student. It has been a life-long obsession ever since. Stan
has been an Art College professor for more than 20 years -- enthusing his
students about drawing, painting, lettering, typography, illustration,
printmaking, and bookbinding.

* Please note the lecture date has changed

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