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Online Auctions

Dear List,

The announcement of an online auction for Hand Papermaking suggested
to me that there might be general interest on the list in the
services of BenefitEvents.com, a company dedicated to online
fundraising, particularly nonprofit event auctions.

BenefitEvents provides an extensive range of services and is
especially interested in working with arts organizations. An upcoming
event you can preview, on behalf of the Vermont Visual Arts
Consortium, is a good example how a cooperative effort amongst small
to medium size arts organizations can be effective.

Please note, in the spirit of full disclosure, I am the
founder/director of BenefitEvents.com!

For those of you in the area, I am giving a workshop on Online
Fundraising at the New England Artists Trust Congress in Woodstock,
Vt. which takes place May 3 - May 6 (my workshop is Sat AM, the 5th).

Please visit BenefitEvents.com - I am happy to answer any questions.

best wishes,
Premium Online Auction Event and Fundraising Services
              Promote your events with streaming media.
demo: http://real.photopoint.com/webmktg@aol.com/rs/wmf.ram

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