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A Workshop/in NYC June 2 and 3rd

Dear Book friends:
I am organizing this workshop.  When I visited
Ed Hutchins in Oaxaca in February, he introduced me
to the work of Ambar Past and Taller Le=F1ateros -and
it blew me away.  Please feel free to pass  this along
this or contact me for more information.
Miriam Schaer
 with Ambar Past
A Two-Day Workshop with the Director of Taller Le=F1ateros

Artist and poet, Ambar Past is founder and director of Taller =
the Woodlander=B9s Workshop, a reknowned arts collective emphasizing
experimentation with handmade papers, natural dyes, silkscreen and
woodblock prints, and bookbinding.
Taller Le=F1ateros publishes La J=EDcara, a Mexican literary journal,
and other books.

Taller Le=F1ateros is based in Mexico=B9s largely Mayan Chiapas =
where Ambar Past has lived and worked for the past 30 years.
Now Ambar Past is coming to New York as part of a rare visit to the =

Please join us for this unusual workshop. Participants will meet
and work with Ambar Past, experience her amazing books and learn:

=80 How to make water colors and tinted chalk using natural dyes,
 including indigo, brasil wood, lichen and annatto
=80 How to making pre-colombian =D1a=F1=FA bark paper, also called =
Amate paper
=80 How to paint with flower petals
=80 How to make mineral dyes and glue
=80How ancient Mayans painted on the walls of caves
=80 How to make poster-paint chromos and Drain-O transfer photographs =

=80 How to make a tortilla-press mimeograph
=80How to print with anything=8Bcorn on the cob, trout, onions,
Pepsi-Cola & more
=80 How to  make sumigashi prints with India ink, shoe polish & tar
=80 How to spin straw into gold
=80 And more!

Please register soon, space is limited.

Dates: Sat. & Sun., June 2 & 3, 2001
Time: 10 AM to 4 PM
Place: Dobbin Mill, 50-52 Dobbin Street, Brooklyn
(1st stop on the L train from Manhattan)
Fee: $140 per person

For registration and further info, contact:
Miriam Schaer, 718-788-2029, mschaer@earthlink.net

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