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Re: Books Arts in Spain?

Hello. Right now in the Valencia Fine Arts Museum an exhibition of =
architectural treatises which you could find interesting. Also, in =
there are plenty of "encuadernadores", though only a few can be =
"artists". The Valencia Library, held in an impressive recently restored
XVIth century monastery also deserves a visit, although it is not in the
ususal tourist path. The University Library holds an amazing collection =
Italian Renaissance illuminated manuscripts, but you will need make your =
to them talking with the librarians --not the people at the desk, but =
librarians, because the codices are not part of a public exhibition, and =
are only accessible by permission; a book was written by Harvard's =
Eugene Farrell and myself about the technique and materials of these =
MU=D1OZ VI=D1AS, Salvador, and FARRELL, Eugene F.,
The Technical Analysis fo Renaissance Illuminated Manuscripts from the
Historical Library of the University of Valencia
Cambridge MA, Harvard University Art Museums, 1999
ISBN 1-891771-03-5
Also, if you are interested in this subject, my university has published =
PhD. thesis, which also deals on Renaissance manuscript illumination =
--in Spanish only.
In Valencia there are at least other three other very, very interesting
libraries which contain fine antique books of every kind (manuscripts,
printed, incunabula, painted, gilt, etc.): the Cathedral Archive, and =
Valencian Kingdom Archives, and the Patriarca Church Library (ten yards =
the University Library), but they are used mainly by researchers, so
accessing them may be complicated.
In Cuenca there is a artisan papermaker that produces paper of the very =
best quality. Look for it, because I am sure that you will find it =
In Catalonia you should definitely visit the Papermaking Museum in
Capellades, where a XVIIth papermill was restored into a working state:
Hope you enjoy your trip.
Salvador Mu=F1oz Vi=F1as.

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