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Vellum paper Preservation Products (Z39.77-2001)

Yesterday, I received a phone query from a friend and client about using
drafting vellum to make some repairs (!) on a beat-up book he recently got
through the internet.  He's considering it a "throwaway" book, and is unwilling
to put anything into an appropriate repair.  Nevertheless, he called for some
advice before he did anything, and I said I'd see what I could turn up.

My references don't give me much about drafting vellum, but I am still
looking.  So, I am wondering what the book-arts people can tell me quickly and
efficiently.  My feeling is that even though the paper is 100% cotton, it is
probably not very strong, and his "reinforcements" on the cover won't be very

I have made other suggestions to him, but have not yet seen the book.  I have
mixed feelings about giving him any advice at all, but--does anybody out there
have something to offer about drafting vellum?

Eugene, OR

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