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Re: flat files

---On Tue, 24 Apr 2001 leil saoirse alexander <leillucy@YAHOO.COM> wrote:
>are the people who were doing the how to make flat
>file kits still doing that? this was something that
>came out about a year ago, maybe more. I'll check the
>archives, too...

Yes, I believe they are still selling their plans for flat files.  I saw their
advertisement in the last issue of the Guild of Book Workers Newsletter (April
2001, p. 17) and was even thinking of purchasing them myself.  I'm getting tired
of storing all my paper in large oversize flat boxes under the bed, although
this works perfectly well and is practically free!

The company is Jackson Studio.
3124 Sandage Ave., Ft. Worth, TX 76109

Hope this is what you were looking for.


 Eric Alstrom       Hanover, NH
 Book: Artist | Binder | Conservator

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