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Re: Bone folders

Some are bone, many are plastic.  In general, plastic ones are cheaper.  I
like ones made from teflon.  They do not burnish the material being
creased.  At PBI a couple of years ago they had a workshop on making bone
folders from teflon.  Many of the resulting products were impressive

Now that I have restrained myself, I cannot resist another option:
Jawbone of ass

There are still others, but in the spirit of teflon, I'll let them slide
by.  It's a long, slippery slope.


On Wed, 25 Apr 2001, Cor Knops wrote:
> This might sound like a stupid question (and it probably is..) but
> does anyone know from which animal and from which part of the
> animal (bone) a regular, let say 6 inch long, is made ??

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