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Re: Bone folders

>does anyone know from which animal and from which part of the
>animal (bone) a regular, let say 6 inch long, is made ??

Most of the bone folders sold are made from cow leg bones.

The bone folders I make are made from elk forelegs.  I used
to use deer leg bones, but they are much smaller than elk.

The rear leg bones of elk are more curved than the forelegs,
which can be good, if you want a curved folder (I have made
a couple which come in handy sometimes).

The advantage of bones from game animals is that the bone is
stronger than the bones of domestic animals.

Deer hunting season here begins the week following elk season,
so while deer hunting I stop at old elk camps and collect
any forelegs laying around.  After skinning them I saw the
knuckles off and boil them to remove the meat, tendons, and

Later, back at home, I run them through my bandsaw to get two
slabs of bone and then begin working them down with files and
a belt sander until they are shaped to fit my hand.


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