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Microfiche Image Viewing and Computer Files

There are various options to viewing and manipulating the fiche images.

1)      The simplest is to locate someone with a microfiche reader and copier,
such as an "Agfa Copydesk" machine, or similar.  This enables the user to view
the microfiche film and print a copy of any segment that is viewed.  It is B&W,
not colour.

2)      Use a 35mm digital film scanner which would enable the images to be
viewed on a computer in colour.  However, it would require the fiche to be
accurately cut-up and placed into slide holders, which may not be practical and
would mean "destroying" the original fiche.

3)      Use a device such as the Anacomp "ImageMouse" see
which enables the viewing of the fiche directly on the PC as an image in colour
and the supplied software enables all the basic image manipulation and saving
of files.

Hope this helps - there may be some other devices available.

Rodney Fry

> Date:    Wed, 25 Apr 2001 22:17:27 -0400
> From:    Theresa Milstead <tm13@WESTMASS.COM>
> Subject: Microfiche images
> I just purchased a copy of Sue Allen=B9s book on Victorian Bindings. The
> multitude of images included with this small book are on microfiche. Is it
> possible to translate these into larger color copies or digital images and
> if so how?=20
> Theresa

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