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Re: Teflon

on 4/26/01 10:18 PM, James Tapley at JTHANDBOOK@AOL.COM wrote:

> Teflon is a propriatory name. You can buy a high density polyethylene plank
> from good woodworker's supply houses; they use them for surfacing router
> tables, etc., for a non-stick, non-corroding surface. You won't notice the
> difference. I also like Corian, the synthetic made for solid kitchen counter
> tops. Your local quality cabinet maker probably has scraps in his trash.
> James Tapley Hand Bookbinder

Speaking of Corian; Abigail Rorer and Jon Sammis are manufacturing a
less-than-type high product called BURINBLOCK for wood engravers. It is
Corian mounted on a medium dense fiberboard. They will send information.
contact them at Lone Oak Press
                16 Oliver St.
                Petersham, Mass. 01366
                e-mail:   loneoak@splusnet.com

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