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tip of the week...

Just in case anyone was interested, I thought I'd pass along my latest
'nifty little device' discovery... (feel free to roll your eyes like my
friends and family do...)

I had to do 100 solvent transfers with black and white photocopies onto
handmade paper that contained an embossed element, so they couldn't be done
on the etching press. Because of the surface of the paper, some pretty good
pressure was required. A spoon worked ok, but then I tried my stainless
steel espresso tamper with the big rubber coated handle and it worked like a
dream. The handle is shaped so as to be comfortable after an hour of work,
the slightly curved bottom surface focuses the pressure just right, and the
stainless steel allows it to slide over the back of the photocopy easily.

I don't have an espresso maker, but my husband put this in my xmas stocking
because, he said, it looked like it ought to be good for something in the
studio. You can usually pick them up in the clearance section at starbucks
for around $5.

Best wishes,

Pendleton, Oregon

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