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book display cubes for sale

Hi to the list!

I will be moving in 2 more weeks and in packing up I re-discovered some
handsome wall-mounted display 'cubes' I used to use in my old Bookbinder's
Warehouse office to show off the design bindings I used to collect.  I think
they may be of interest to someone/several someones on the list.

These are museum-quality display cases, custom made for me by the Small
Corporation.  The  base and back is gray, with an acrylic 'cube' that slides
on and fits into grooves in the base and can be screwed shut for security.
Each of them has a clever beveled block of wood that you mount to the wall,
and then slide the unit onto it for easy but super secure mounting.  I have
six of these, in slightly varying sizes but on average they are 11-14 inches
WIDE, about 12" deep (coming out from the wall), and about 15 inches tall.  I
used to display a fine binding and matching box inside, or two smaller books.
 If exact dimensions are needed, just ask!

If anyone is interested there is a really good picture and description at
www.smallcorp.com/case.html, or I can send - attached to e-mail -  actual
photos of mine taken in my old office.  I'm asking $50 each.  If I recall
correctly, I originally paid about $100 for each of them but also keep in
mind that the shipping is extra and because they are heavy, bulky, and I
probably have to buy special boxes for them, I ESTIMATE the shipping to be
$15 - $20 for one, and maybe $7 extra for each one after that if bought in
multiples (depending on where you are)

They are all in very good condition, with perhaps some VERY faint
scuffing/scratches to the Plexiglas where I continually opened them up to
take out and show off my books!

If interested, in one o more just ask me OFF THE LIST for an e-mail with
photo attached if you need it.  I'd like to find new homes for them SOON!  If
you have any questions, please let me know.

Regards, Karen L. Crisalli (NJ)

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