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Epson ink permanence

An unscientific experiment:

I printed out several copies of a 13" x 17" image on an Epson 1520  with
regular Epson ink on Rives BFK, sprayed them with two light coats of
Krylon UV, and hung two in the store window facing south for two
months,( in $10 frames that have plastic instead of glass). There was no
apparent change. All the colors stayed vibrant and subtle. Not what I
expected, but very good news. Maybe if it was June 10-Aug 10 rather than
Feb 10 to April 10 it would have been stronger sunlight, but it seems to
indicate that under normal indoor conditions and even more so, inside of
a dog, they should last a long time. Still, at some point (probably
after the 2-year warranty expires) I'll switch to the so-called
"archival" ink provided by several aftermarket manufacturers.


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