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Single-Sheet Books / Accordians


I'm new to the list. I don't know of the 2nd book that
Roberta referenced; however, there are a number of
resources on concertinas.

Gabrielle Fox's book: The Essential Guide to Handmade
Books, includes a project on "The Non-Adhesive
Accordian Book." The manual was published in 2000 by
North Light Books in Cincinnati.

The publisher's website is www.nlbooks.com and the
ISBN is 1-58180-019-3.

Also, there are a couple of websites for teachers of
young people:

<www.theteacherscorner.net> The Social Studies and
Arts and Crafts sections may be of interest to those
teaching book arts to children.

This page provides a diagramatic plan for making a
concertina. Note that in the 2nd to the last part of
the URL, "Concertina" DOES NOT contain an "o."

<www.Artsednet.getty.edu> also has information you may
be able to use.

Hope this is helpful,

Denise Brennan Watson
--- RLavadour <paper@OREGONTRAIL.NET> wrote:
> One is Shereen LaPlantz's "Innovative bookbinding :
> secret compartments &
> hidden messages"
> and the other is a book that has 100 (or maybe it
> was 25 - I can't
> remember...) books made from a single sheet.
> I'm teaching workshops for some grade school
> teachers this summer and I'd
> like to add a few things to my bag of tricks.
> Thanks for your time -
> Roberta
> Pendleton, Oregon
> paper@oregontrail.net
> http://www.missioncreekpress.com

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