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Re: book show

Here's some advice from one "newbie" to another about putting a book
arts show together - I have just been reminded by the opening of the
first show for which I'm visiting curator ...

Be sure you have enough vitrines, showcases, etc., so that pieces that
should not be handled can be secured.  People WANT to touch books, want
to open them, especially if the full impact of the piece depends on
interaction.  Double that concern if kids are likely to come through.
Unless the artist specifically gives permission, you want to prevent
handling to preserve the work and to prevent things from disappearing
(in part or whole).

If the artist gives permission for handling, you'll want to have white
cotton gloves at each touchable piece, with instructions.

Judy Kerman
Visiting Curator for "Bindings & Unbindings" show at Saginaw Art Museum

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