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Re: San Francisco PCBA Book ARts and Printers' Fair

Hello all those who plan to attend the PCBA's Book Arts and Printers' Fair
this Sunday (May 6th) at Fort Mason!

We want to impress upon anyone who plans to arrive later in the day that the
parking situation may be very dire indeed. The opening of Crissy Field is
expected to draw a zillion people, most of whom can be expected to come by

But don't despair! Here's the bus information:

22 Fillmore
30 Stockton
42 Downtown Loop

At least two of these ( I'm not sure about the 42) connect to BART. To catch
the 22 you'd take the 16th & Mission exit. The 30 you'd take Montgomery. The
30 Stockton goes through Chinatown and should be avoided if you suffer from
claustrophobia, but chosen if you like to have lots of cool things to look
at out the windows of the bus. The 42 Downtown Loop bus connects to Cal
Train! -- for those coming from the peninsula.

28 19th Avenue
47 Van Ness
49 Van Ness/Mission

I don't know anything about these bus lines, sorry! I know they don't
connect to BART.

So, we hope to see you there, by whichever transportation works for ya.

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