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Re: Artist Book Exhibition in Bristol England

>Tale of Two Cities:New York /Bristol an exhibition of artists books

Since I live (and was born) in Bristol, and have today just
returned from New York where I was exhibiting my books, as I do
annually, I'm fascinated to hear this.

I'm not sure whether my books qualify as artist's books, as they
are in small editions and are conventionally constructed, though
I bind them entirely by hand, design and publish them, and they are
watercoloured by hand.

I expect it's far too late to contribute to the exhibition, but if
there's room to squeeze in any postage-stamp sized books, known
around the world for their quality, it would be a privilege.

Meanwhile, my tale of two cities is that New York is currently hot
and sunny, and Bristol is overcast and very cold. Hmmph!


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