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I'm here now...


Well, I'm settled into my new home/studios in Santa Maria, California.
(That's just north of Santa Barbara). The summer will be spent building the
new studio and apprentice apartment above the bindery.

However, I'm still going to be able to conduct bookbinding workshops, so
line up on the left!

(805)352-0202 Pequeno Press and California Workshops.

Pat Baldwin

Satisfaction lies in the effort,
not in the attainment.
Pat Baldwin
P.O. Box 1711
Bisbee AZ 85603

PEQUENO PRESS - http://www.primenet.com/~patbooks/pagetwo.html
STARCATCHER INC - http://www.primenet.com/~patbooks/starcatcher.html
MINIATURE BOOK SOCIETY - http://www.mbs.org

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