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Re: Bookish Anatomy

This really has been near the edge, hasn't it!  Fun though, between the groans.

A note to Peter:  A year ago or so you compiled a survey of countries represented
on the Book Arts List together with the number of correspondants in each.  I found
it very interesting, and if it isn't too much bother, could you do it again and
post it?

Eugene, OR

Dorothy Africa wrote:

> Dear Gentle Readers of recent arrival
>   If you have joined this list in the past two weeks and are now wondering
> whether you have blundered into the secret stronghold of some lunatic fringe,
> the answer is yes, but we are a nice lunatic fringe and we do, actually, discuss
> books in all aspects of their aesthetic, history and construction, upon
> occassion.  In the meantime we amuse ourselves, as you see.   The secret is that
> book folk sometimes run with scissors, just for the hell of it, when no one is
> looking.  And play with scotch tape (or just scotch).
>  Dorothy Africa

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